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ISDN  U Protocol Analyzer

Latest Version of Software 4.0 and Firmware 65

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The UPA 100 áU Protocol Analyzer monitors the 2B+D basic rate interface between the subscriber's equipment and the ISDN network. áBasic rate ISDN consists of two 64 KBPS á"B" channels and a single 16 KBPS á"D" channel. Signaling (off-hook), dial tone, dialing, etc.) takes place on the "D" channel in the form of packet messages. Circuit-Switched and packet-switched message decodes are supported.

The UPA "looks" at the messages being passed in both directions between the subscriber's equipment and the network, decodes them into plain English, displays them on the screen and places them in a capture buffer for later analysis. Options are provided for filtering out particular packet messages.

The UPA 100 supports layers 1, 2, and 3 and provides decodes to the screen of the host computer.

The UPA 100 is inserted between the Central Office ISDN Network and the customer premises equipment (CPE). áThe CPE may be an NT1 or a device with a built-in U interface. The UPA is transparent (non-intrusive) and may be used at the CPE or at the Central Office. The UPA connects directly to the "U" interface and therefore does not require an NT1 "front end". áTwo built-in "U" interfaces in a repeater configuration connect the network and subscriber. á

The UPA 100 consists of an external enclosure that connects to the serial port of an IBM compatible PC. All software is included.



Makes your PC a powerful Protocol Analyzer
Compatible with 2B1Q basic rate
Conforms to ANSI T1.601-91
Supports multiple switches
LEDs indicate line activation
Non-intrusive repeater configuration
Supports Layers 1,2 & 3
Captures real-time packets for both B and D channels
Built-in battery operation for remote use
Supports: National ISDN 1, National ISDN 2, X.25, 
               NTI Custom, V.120, AT&T Custom
Real time M-bit display



Free demo software with sample capture files is available through our Customer Service Page.


Line: U Reference Point RJ-45 á2-wire (Tip and Ring)
Operating Mode: Full Duplex
Data Rate: á160 kbps total á/ 144 kbps usable
Signal Format: 2B1Q
Output Amplitude 2.5V Zero-Peak
Rx Sensitivity: ANSI T1:601-1991
Tx Source Z: áANSI T1.601-1991
Rx Source Z: áANSI T1.601-1991




Computer: IBM-PC Compatible DOS Size: 9.5" X 7.5" X 1.5"
Interface: RS-232 Weight: áLess than 3 pounds


For a period of three years from the date of purchase ORION will repair the unit at no charge.


Software and firmware upgrades are provided free. áThe latest versions are listed at the top of this page. áIf you do not have the latest , e-mail Customer Support áwith your serial number and áthe current version of software (if known) and we will e-mail the latest to you or send it by mail.

Misplaced your software? Call or email us another copy. There is no charge for this service.

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Model # áUPA100
US PRICING:  á$2495.00 á(Complete unit, nothing else to buy)
UPA100  ISDN-BRI Analyzer includes:
Software, RJ-45 Telephone Cord, AC power supply, á9-pin RS-232 Serial    Port Cable, á25-Pin RS-232 Adaptor, áUser's Manual. 

Free software upgrades, áfree unlimited support 
áand a 3 year warranty on the hardware.

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