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ISDN  BRI Protocol Analyzer

U & ST Interface

Plain English Q.931 Decodes and Raw Data is displayed on the screen

Two Audio outputs for bi-directional B Channel Audio

Non-intrusive Transparent Operation

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The PA 200 is an ISDN BRI protocol analyzer for both U and ST interfaces.

Supports layers 1, 2, and 3 and provides decodes to the screen of the PC. Packets are displayed as separate items in a list. Activations and bit errors, as well as the content of any embedded operations channel (ECO) messages, M-bits for U-Interface and S&Q bits for ST-Interface, TEI assignments, SPID negotiations, B channel setup and other call control operations are displayed. Detailed layer 1 messages plus layer 2 & 3 decodes and raw packet data permits rapid troubleshooting for the experienced technician.

Data is collected from the D channel in both directions and passed to the PC via the RS232 port. The ISDN data can be saved to disk for analyzing at a later time.

The PA 200 connects in series with the Network and User anywhere on the U interface or bridged to the ST interface. Data is collected from the D channel in both directions and passed to the PC via the RS232. The raw data is decoded per Q.931 and shown on the screen and can be saved to disk for analyzing at a later time.

ISDN installers and troubleshooters typically use the PA200 to resolve disputes between the phone company and the user. A technician can be sent to the trouble site to capture data that can be sent to an experienced technician or specialist for evaluation. ISDN equipment developers use the unit for looking at real-time data in order to determine if their equipment is performing according to specifications.

Audio jacks for B1 and B2 are provided on the rear panel for on-site tests.


Interface Line
ANSI (US) or ETSI (European) ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) ISDN "U" 2B1Q interface (serial "in-line") via Network and User RJ45 jacks. ISDN S/T interface (parallel "bridge", hi-impedance, 20K ohms, capacitive input) RJ45. "U" and "ST" interfaces cannot be used simultaneously. 

Line bypass relay
In case of power failure or software detected problem, the ISDN BG2 "U" interface is bypassed, the relay providing a direct connection from the user to the central office. This is not required with the S/T interface.

Line transparency
In the "U" interface mode, the PA 200 appears "transparent" to the line. It does not react to maintenance codes, but passes them on to the other side. If the user side goes down the network side goes down too. If the network (CO) side goes down, the user side goes down. This most accurately mimics the operation of a normal ISDN line. NOTE: This is not applicable to the S/T interface where the PA 200 is not inserted "in-line" but makes a "bridged" connection.

Loop position
The PA 200 may be placed in the ISDN "U" loop at any position up to 18,000 feet on either side of the PA 200. However for proper operation with line bypass relay, the total length should not exceed the telco limit of the loop.

Sealing Current or Line Power
LED indication if "U" interface sealing current or line power is present.

PC Interface

Audio Outputs
Two 600 ohm 3.5 mm jacks for bi-directional B1 and B2. Mono audio out. U-Law / A-Law switch selectable.

Faceplate LEDs indicators
"U" or "ST" Interface Network and User activation, sealing current and insertion / uninsertion.

U / ST selection, Mu-law/A-law selection, B1 or B2 selection

PC Software provides time-stamped decoding of layer 2 & 3 messages. Protocol analyzer software Windows 9x and above

Decode Specifications
Supports layers 1,2 and 3 per Q.921/Q.931.

Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.2 x 1.152 inches (165.10 mm x 106.68 mm x 29.26 mm) Housing: Heavy-duty extruded aluminum. Aluminum end plates
Weight: 13 oz. approximately

9V DC @ 1 AMP wall adapter (120V AC 60 Hz)

Customer Support
Included in the unit price

One year on parts and labor under normal use

Model:  PA200-UST  Includes: unit, power adapter with US plug , RS232 cable, & two RJ45 cables


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