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Remote Switching Matrix


The RSM is a DTMF controlled remote switching matrix for switching from 1 to 256 input lines to a common bus to which may be connected any apparatus or circuit appropriate to the user’s objectives. The RSM consists of a card cage containing one controller and one to sixteen 16-Line Selectors.


bulletRemote Switching contacts are uncommitted
bulletRemote Seizure and monitor- field option
bulletRemote Monitor with no seizure (service observer) field option
bulletRemote Test and Measurement - via user’s remote instrument
bulletRemote Control via uncommitted contracts
bulletSplit Switching for bi-directional monitoring
bulletInherent secondary dialing
bulletLine Transfers, i.e. from bad to good pair


bulletEasy to install and use
bulletRemote controlled via DTMF tones
bulletAudible prompts
bulletPOTS Operation with answer supervision or
bulletDedicated pair with DTMF wake-up and addressing
bulletLocal or remote powered with -48v COB or AC
bulletCompletely connector zed with 25-pair Amp type connectors
bulletNo back plane, connectors mounted on line cards
bulletField strappable multifunction per card
bulletBuilt in line bridging or seizing
bulletAddressable switching cards


bullet2 or 4-wire switching (4C contacts)
bullet4-wire uncommitted lines and common bus
bulletBus can be separated per card
bulletBus appearance on rear 25-pair connectors · Copper path, no solid state switching


 Security:                   4 Digit code (Expandable in SW)
 Ready Prompt:          Special RSM Dial Tone
 Address & Control:    DTMF Digits 0-9, * and #



 Size:     RSM 16 19"W x 1.75"H x 10.75"D 
(482.6 x 44.45 x 273.05)mm
 RSM 256 19"W x 10.5"H x 8.25"D 
(482.6 x 266.7 x 249.55)mm
 Weight:                      Less than 25 lbs.  (RSM 256)
 Structural Material:      Zinc Plated steel and/or Aluminum 
 Connection Method:    25-pair AMP/CHAMP connectors
 Enclosure Required:    Rain tight



 Power Consumption:      15 ma Maximum @ 5v interval
 Source:                         48 VDC @ 40ma or 115 VAC Nominal


 Type - Seated two-coil latching

 Contact Material - Gold-clad silver

 Contact Resistance - 50

 Contact Arrangement - 4 Form C

 Switching Power (resistive) - 60W, 125VA

 Switching Voltage - 220VDC, 250VAC

 Switching Current - 2A AC or DC

 Carrying Current - 3A AC or DC

 Expected Mech. Life - 1 x 10E8

 Expected Elec. Life - 1A - 2 x 10E6 @2A - 5x10E5

 Isolation - 1500VDC, 1000VAC



Lightning:                     Gas tube - supplied on site by user
Relay Contact Surge:    1500V open contact
Access Line:                130V Varistor T-R and T-R to GND
Logic Circuits:               Transformer, Optocoupler and 
                                    Relay isolation from line circuits 

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