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Single Line POTS Traffic Generator      

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The TG-1A is a cost effective single line traffic generator designed for use where a limited number of lines is required. The unit may be installed at remote locations, and via DTMF commands, programmed with the called and calling numbers to run an originate or terminate scenario, or queried for the number of calls and reset remotely - without sending personnel to physically attend the unit. The results are returned to the user by tones. The TG-1A contains no batteries. Operating power is obtained from the subscriber line.


The TG-1A is usually operated in pairs - with one unit programmed as the originate and the other as the terminate line. The originate unit begins making calls to the terminate line after being programmed by the user. The terminate unit is in the idle state until receiving ring current, where upon it answers and the two units exchange and compare phone numbers. If they disagree, then errors are recorded. Both units record the attempt. The user may retrieve the test results by calling each unit and querying with DTMF commands.

Results may be reset or allowed to accumulate.

The unit will automatically go on hook after 1 minute of no activity or upon hook flash or line reversal.

Other scenarios are available on request.

The TG-1A is supplied with a RJ-11 modular jack connector, and a 6 foot RJ-11 to RJ-11 cable. A 6 foot RJ-11 cable with alligator clips is also available.

Minimum order 50 units.  Call for a quote. 



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