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tgaphoto.gif (39870 bytes)   TGA  Traffic Generator Analog

48 Line Originate and 48 Line Terminate

The TGA is a compact, simple to use system for generating large volumes of simulated telephone calls into a telephone central office or PABX prior to cutover, assuring its ability to handle live traffic when placed in service.


The TGA is a powerful tool with a multitude of functions. Able to originate and terminate call traffic on 48 separate lines, the TGA can generate 10,000 calls per hour.  There are 20 different programmable call scenarios, allowing for enormously flexible software control. A programmable quiet test can be performed on all lines. Failure analysis reporting can be conducted on-line and on demand.  Visual and audible call progress monitoring is available, including software selectable audible signaling/program tones. Two-way, 4-wire PVT (path verification tone) transmission checking is provided.


The TGA contains an internal modem, which allows test programs and system parameters to be uploaded to or downloaded from a host computer. The TGA can also be operated over the modem.



The following calling and called timing parameters can be specifically programmed by the TGA user:
Dial tone delay
DTMF on and off time
DP percent make/break
Interdigital timing
Delay for path verification
1 to 16 Path Verification Tones
Ring generator detection


The TGA is easy to operate. Set-up time is quick and involves a simple user command that activates the automatic traffic generation. Commands are entered through a 20-button keypad. Automatic downloading occurs during power-up. Moreover, data is stored in non-volatile memory and is retained if power is removed.



Completely self-contained
Requires no external recorders, disk drives or other fragile storage media
Non-volatile memory (Operating system & test parameters)
30 digit called number
Three RS232 serial I/O ports
Internal 300 Baud modem
Pre-programmed dial-up access to host computer
Units may be chained together
Connectorized line hook-up


Operates on 115VAC power, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 8.5" x 16" x 18.75"
Weight: 40 lbs.
AC impedance: 900 ohms   DC impedance: 1800 ohms
Quiet line detection: 0 to -40 dbm
Ringing detection: 35 VAC rms, 14-70 Hz
DTMF Receiver Response: 0 to -24 dbm
DTMF Send Level: -15 dbm per frequency
Operating Temperature: 40  to 100 degree F


Dial tone
Ring back tone
Fast busy
Slow Busy
Ring detect


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